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Falling : a love story

Af Jane Green (2016)
Eight years ago, Emma Montague left behind the strict confines of her English life and moved to New York City, where she found success in the world of finance. But her soulless, cut-throat, all-consuming job has only led to another life she didn't want. Answering an online ad, she finds a tiny beach cottage to rent in a small town in Connecticut. It needs a lot of work but it's the perfect project to satisfy her passion for interior design and gardening, if her new landlord, Dominic, is agreeable to the small changes she yearns to make. To Emma, Dominic is also something of a fixer-upper. A local handyman with a 6 year old son, he's a world away from the men she should be interested in, but he's comfortable in his own skin. Slowly, over a shared garden, time spent with his son and late-night conversations, Emma finds herself falling for Dominic

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